Why Starch Based Diet are the Best for Healthy Living and Lose Weight Fast

The Food We were Born to eat

Starch yes it is starch rice, corn, potato, sweet potato that has healed thousands of John McDougall’s patients.

A young lady Julia Baker was suffering from deforming rheumatoid arthritis so she decided to completely change her diet.

So she gave the cheese, the meat and the oil and switched to a diet based upon rice corn and potatoes.

It took her almost seven days when she started to get better.

Another example is of Robert Cross who used to suffer from terrible chest pains.

In addition to that he used to suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and high sugar levels and he was also overweight.

So he went to his doctor for a solution ended up in front of a Cardiologist who suggested having a heart surgery.

Then Robert decided to switch to a starch based diet.

Due to this he lost 60 pounds, his cholesterol levels dropped from 300 to 150 and cleaned out his arteries.

About Dr McDougall & His Experiments on Starch Based Diet

Dr McDougall’s Health & Medical Center

This talk is by Dr McDougall and he is been in this business for 44 years.

He feels that he is the luckiest doctor in this world because his patients get well.

It started out by an accident; he was in Michigan and went to Hawaii for an internship in1972.

He stayed in Hawaii for a year to practice the internal medicine. He was so impressed by Hawaii that he didn’t want to leave that beautiful city so he took a job there on the big island as a plantation doctor.

There he worked as general doctor for three years.

There he pronounced people dead, did brain surgeries in the middle of the night and many other medical treatments and today whatever knowledge he has is based on what he learned in those three years in Hawaii from my patients.

The first thing he learned was that he was not a very good doctor.

He always though he will be able to make some miraculous cures so he used to watched Ben Casey and Dr Kildare to know what a real doctor did to cure patients.

He went up to the general practice on the big island of Hawaii and he was responsible for taking care of 5000 sugar plantation patients and he gave them the best pills that he could find.

He sent them to the best surgeon in the heart of lulu and they wouldn’t get well.

They just stayed fat and sick.

Starch Based Diet

He thought this is because he was a bad doctor but he realized his limitations as a physician as he was humble.

The second thing that he learned during his stay in the big island was how to eat because he was taking care of 5000 people who ate differently.

He was taking care first second third and fourth generation that were Philippines, Japanese, Chinese and Koreans.

The first generation learned how to eat in their native land(Starch Based Diet) that was Philippines, Japan, China and Korea they learned a diet of rice and vegetable when they were kids and then they had a fortune of moving to the big island to start new families.

They took their original diet along.Yes, it was Starch Based Diets.

Their kids were influenced by western diet they started to change from starch based diet and by the time they got to their grandkids he realised that the people with same blood and genetics, same workload with a diet of rice and vegetables with a small amount of meat were safe from heart diseases, arthritis, and blood pressure.

The second generation got a little bit fatter and sicker as they abandoned starch.

The third generation who feared starch got sick just like every other American.

Then Dr McDougall spend two years in the Scientific Library the Medical library next to the Queens Medical Centre to find out that if anyone else has made this observations that people living on a starch diet are thin, healthy, hearty and young looking.

What he found out that scientist over a hundred years have made this observation.

That was important because it told him that getting older didn’t meant to be fat sick it doesn’t have to be that way.

But what he read and found out was that when you stop doing things that make you sick you get well.

So if balance diet makes you sick then you need to leave it.

If there is Diet for Animals Then What is the Diet for Humans

Now the question arises is that what is the diet for humans just like there is a diet for cat, horse any other animals.

The answer to this question is very simple as if you go back and look what people used to eat years back then you may realize that they lived on a starch based diet.

The evidence of this is that from last ten to twelve thousands years there is written prove that people used to live on starch based diet.

If we observe the whole world people used to live on starch as they used to grow potatoes and vegetables.

Think about these people they were trim hearty healthy.

Since people got wealthier they made starch dishes as their side-lines and included meat dishes as their main course diet.

These people were majorly the kings and priests.

Their bodies were examined three thousand and five hundred years ago and it was found out that their bodies had cold blooded diseases all kind of other problems in western civilisation.

Since the development and discovery of fossil fuels every one could lay a royal life that mean that they abandoned starch dishes from their diet.

As a result they are suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, cancer and many other problems.

This problem is not only limited to adults but kids are also badly affected due to it.

Almost 30% of kids are overweight and are suffering from different diseases like arthritis.

Our kids are reaching puberty almost 5-6 years earlier than actual age.

We are a civilised society and civilised societies never let their kids to get sick.

Our military people are sick too because of their diet. These military people represent our society all across the world.

The solution is simple but it does not favour business.

The solution is that we need to change the diet of each and every individual.

We need to become a more civilised society by preventing our kids from the diseases caused by royal dietary habits.