Why should we Ignoring the Psychology of Weight Loss?

We have heard most people say about weight loss is that losing weight is easy you just need to eat less and exercise more.

The concept that prevails all around the world is that if the calories taken in are less than the calories burned out then you are definitely going to lose weight.

But this rationale is totally wrong as people this method doesn’t help to achieve the actual weight loss targets.

Can Psychology Research Tell us about the Weight Loss?

A recent survey that was carried around from people around who wanted to lose weight that what sort of weight they were trying to lose.

The average for that was around 25kg or 55 pounds.

But the actual results of weight loss through this concept of eating less was circling around 6kgs in a period of 12 month.

This is a lot less than you expect to lose. The major aspect to notice here is that this is the result of the people who stuck to this concept strictly.

Amongst all those people only 50% of people actually stuck to this routine.

Now another aspect that we mostly tend to neglect is that the weight we lose after some time we gain it back.

So basically what Imperical research tells us that losing weight through eating less and exercising more doesn’t actually works? Obviously this is a big problem because our expectation doesn’t actually align with reality.

These kind of things are promoted commercially by magazines and other media which promises one with easy and drastic weight loss.

What actually happens is that we start to internalise these believes and we try to lose weight through our will power.

But we are not very good at it and we assume this correct because we are actually greedy and lazy about weight loss.

So it proves that the idea of losing weight by eating less and exercising more is not just wrong but it is also counterproductive.

So the question arises that from psychological point of why do we fail while losing weight and what are the things that we can do to counteract this?

Deprivation from Food

The first thing that people will look at would be deprivation from food.

So whenever they are going to see food that has a lot of calories and you love you are not going to have it because you are on a diet.

This means that you are in state of deprivation that in other words mean that you are punishing yourself.

As per human nature you can’t do this for a very long time and the moment will come that you will break down and you are going to consume it and then what you will gain weight again.

You definitely have to find an alternative as you have to eat food that you like.

For example Salad is good for your health but you hate salad then don’t have salad.

It will take time and energy to find what works for you and that in return would help you as you would be able to do in a long run.

Self-Control is Limited (Ego Depletion)

If we have enough will power weight control is really easy but what psychology tells us that a human has a very limited self-control just like a muscle when you use it you get tired.

That is what actually happens with us we exert self-control we get fatigued and we lose control and in psychology we call it Ego Depletion.

This is the reason we are less able to use self-control again.

An example would be that if you are going to gym and you hate going to gym then you would not only be physically tired but you be mentally tired too.

So the alternative to it would be finding an activity in your life that includes a healthy amount of physical exercise.

You must like that activity so that you can carry it for a long time.

Ironic thought Suppression and Rumination (The white bear effect)

This thing works like do not think about white bear while you are actually thinking about white bear.

That means if you supress thought then it starts to pop up in sub consciousness.

This is very tiring activity to do.

So a solution would not to supress your thought and eat that item in a healthier way like if you want to eat pizza then you should take out time and make the pizza yourself so that you actually know what is in it.

By making the pizza yourself you are engaging your cravings in a positive manner.

What are Successful Dieters Doing?

So now we get to know that what actually people are doing who are successfully losing weight is summarised in few key points.

The first is that they are not depriving themselves from the high calorie food they love.

This activity is just self-punishment and it cannot be sustained for a longer time.

Another thing that is a much positive activity is that to change your life style permanently.

This like improving your life that would have a lot of positive effects.

Another key point includes that eat the way you like and exercise the times that you feel comfortable with.

Consider your schedule your preference first and then choose the time for exercising.

Do not follow the diet plans that you get from the magazines and other sources instead change your life style in a positive way.

This is even difficult but with right support it is an easy. By the word right support we mean that the right advice and the right strategy to live your life.

What Weight Loss Counselling does?

  1. Realigns expectations

Your expectations are according to what actually is possible

  1. More sustainable

You would be able to practice that for a longer period of time

  1. Maintain loss

You would be able to maintain the weight with a positive support or advice.

Weight loss is just not about self-control and the will power it is more than that.

That’s the way we need to think about it.

In the conclusion we should accept the fact that losing weight shouldn’t be about eating less it should be about thinking differently.