What is the Best Way to Lose Weight ?

What is the best way to lose weight ?

It is better to understand what causes you to gain weight so that you would be able to find the best way to lose weight.

The main issue with this weight lost or fat lost game is, nobody talks about what causes the weight gain but only talks about short term solution to lose weight. Therefore let me tell you what causes you to gain body fat and why it does not reduce the weight automatically; then you can find what is the best way to lose weight.

A major portion of your body fat is due to three things:

(1) Poorly Functioning Liver (Read the post clearly so that you will come to know)

(2) A Clogged up Colon.

(3) Improper Diet (Basically your lifestyle)

If you find yourself eating a large amount of processed foods, dairy products, red meat, preservatives, etc., you are ingesting an enormous amount of toxins into your body. Even though you do not like to hear this, it is the real truth.

These toxins overwhelm your two main Detoxification organs: your liver and your colon. Since this happens over a long period of time, your liver and colon become sluggish, slowing your metabolism.

Bad news is, you do not notice this since it happens in a longer period of time

How do you know if your liver is sluggish? Individuals who have sluggish livers are likely to display any or several of the following health issues:

Difficulty losing weight:

Weight gain, especially around the abdomen

High cholesterol and triglycerides

Non-insulin dependent diabetes (Type II), insulin resistance, or

Syndrome X

Immune system dysfunction(You get sick all the time)

I am going to cover the function of the liver on this post so that you will come to know What is the best way to lose weight.

The liver operates as a complex filtering mechanism, breaking fat down and cleaning materials which can damage the human body.

To do this it uses a substance referred to as ‘bile,’ a greenish (every so often yellowish-brown) liquid that cleanses the organs and blood.

The bile fluids are re circulated via the enterohepatic system up to 8(eight) instances every day.

For someone to shed pounds, the overall composition of this circulating fluid must be low in fats and/or toxicities; in any other case, too much weight gain occurs because the human body reacts to these chemical compounds.

It is important that liver regulates the fat metabolism efficaciously. Otherwise, it will result in weight gain as fats will accumulates in all the wrong places—typically within the belly area, hands, around the buttocks, and in different locations wherein body fats are typically found.

The accumulation of fat in these regions are a sign of a bad, poorly functioning—or maybe a very dysfunctional—liver.

In a situation where the liver stops functioning well, the state of affairs resembles a filter clogged with waste, fat, toxic pollutants, and different particles, and it in the long run fails to perform its task. Small globules of fat begin to flow into inside the blood stream, unabated, and they wreak havoc on the diverse organs of the body and ultimately they shape into cellulite deposits.

Should the liver will become dysfunctional in any manner, the fats that are deposited will concentrate and continue to be at the human body.

Through the years, as the body becomes older, more toxic pollutants (and fat) overflow the liver and its filtering feature is disabled. As an end result, more aged people experiences a clogged filtering mechanism (the liver) and this makes it hard—or even not possible in a few cases—to lose weight, irrespective of how active we end up.

Despite the fact that a person works out within the gymnasium or is has high body activity in a different way, the fats remain, and this is often due to a dysfunctional liver. So it is clear that maintaining a good liver that filters properly is essential for a healthy body.

Even though the liver has loads of features, some are some of greater importance to the human body than others. We should first look at some statistical information of the liver to understand its operations and the significance in its impact on the human body.

The liver produces 0.25-1 liter of bile everyday (depends on the intake of food).

To maintain a healthy body, the liver undertakes more than 400 tasks per day.

The liver is the most complicated organ in the human body.

The liver is the largest organ in the human body after the skin and positioned on the upper side of the abdomen, above the stomach. The liver filters and detoxifies greater than 1,400 liters (1,479 quarts) of blood each day.

The liver has eight independent segments, and a person can live on with a loss of up to 70% of the liver, if the 30% is healthful.

The liver is regenerative, in contrast to most other body tissues, and depending on its fitness, while damaged it can go back to some percentage of its original ability.’

You many wonder why did not I discuss about what is the best way to lose weight

Read the next post carefully, you will realize that , if you take care of your liver , you can build a power house within your body to lose weight .