What Causes Cellulite

I try my best to cover What Causes Cellulite on this post and How to Getting Rid of Cellulite naturally next post.This is a bit of technical post but I try my best to make this post very simple.

The main objective of this post to is to give a very clear understanding of What Causes Cellulite.

First thing that you need to aware that Cellulite is a skin condition found mostly in women due to many reason.lets see what these are :

It sounds like a disease or a medical condition of a human body but actually it is the fat that settles beneath the skin.

The fat appears uneven on different parts of the body especially on poster lateral thighs in post pubertal women because it pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin above it to wrinkle.

In therapeutic terms this is basically a metabolism disorder of subcutaneous tissue that in return initiates alterations in female body. There is a major difference between obesity and Cellulite.

Obesity is classified by hypertrophy and hyperplasia of adipose tissue that is not limited to certain areas of the body like abdominal, thighs or pelvis. While cellulite is a result of several ultra-structural, histochemical, inflammatory, biochemical and morphologic changes that helps to yield the orange appearing skin but still there is major debate on So What Causes Cellulite.

Some Factors that effects the development of cellulite

1. Gender

This is a controversial issue therefore very few people have focused upon this issue in last 30 years. Some factors that play an important role in development of cellulite comprise of gender differences. Cellulite acting in classic manner exclusively affects female.


Ethnicity is another factor that effects the development of cellulite. Asian women tend to have less development of cellulite as compared to white women.


The third factor on which the cellulite development is dependent is the lifestyle of that individual.

If this individual is having carbohydrate in high content then one is more vulnerable to the development of this medical condition.


The fourth factor that contributes towards cellulite growth involves is sedentary lifestyle. This is a condition when an individual experiences prolonged periods of sitting or standing that in return impedes the normal blood flow, leading to more stasis and it creates alterations in the microcirculation of cellulite prone areas.


The last factor is pregnancy which increases some particular hormones in the body such as insulin and prolactin and over all fluid in the body. All these factors contribute to the development of the cellulite.

Normal Fat and Cellulite

To get to know about the difference between normal fat and cellulite several observations have been considered. The observations that need to be taken into account include architectural and structural alterations, bio-chemical and Metabolic differences between cellulite and ‘‘normal’’ fat.

Cellulite may be caused by gender-related differences in connective tissue that are clinically more apparent with weight gain.

In a study that used 24 females with cellulite in between the age of 28 to 39 with 11 men and four women without cellulite to check out the characteristics of cellulite. The revealed results were distinguishing that said that in women.

In addition, the most distinctive feature between cellulite-prone skin and unpretentious skin was found to be patchy thickness of connective tissue by the name of ‘septae’.

The study determined that the skin dimpling in cellulite and dermal stretch marks on the body are similar conditions with powers of distension acting in one direction versus the other that are perpendicular versus parallel.

Some research revealed that there are three angles of orientation of septae that include perpendicular, parallel and angulated. Women with cellulite had a higher percentage of perpendicular septae than unaffected women.

Talking about the other two directions the women having cellulite have small percentage of septae in parallel direction while they have a high percentage at an angle of 45 degrees. Cellulite can affect the individual despite of having less weight.

Kligman also conducted a major research on What Causes Cellulite. Kligman’s research considers that presence of cellulite may cause low grade inflammation that results in dermal atrophy but no visible evidence was found for inflammation in the patients that are affected by the presence of cellulite in their body.

The concept that prevails that Cellulite is present only in the bodies of those people who have a high body mass is totally wrong. Cellulite can affect human body regardless of its body mass.

Some researches matched the clinical grades of cellulite with magnetic resonance imaging scans among individuals with different body masses and found some positive correlation.

It was found out that people with high body mass have a weaker, less dense connective tissue structure, leading to increased extrusion of adipose tissue lobules through the hypodermis.

While the people lower body masses showed differences in thickness of adipose tissue layer.

The people with high cellulite have thick adipose layer. There were no significant dermal thickness were found in both affected and unaffected individuals with lower body masses.

Cellulite is Divided into Three Main Grades.

The first severity grade of cellulite is classified by smooth skin without any dimpling while standing or sitting down. But the major affect is that the skin adopts a mattress like configuration upon pinching hence forces the fat into the reticular and papillary dermis.

The second severity grade of cellulite has mattress like skin appearance when an individual is standing while it disappears when the individual goes into supine position.

The third severity grade of cellulite can be seen in the individual in which dimpling is formed while standing and in supine position. While this can be aggravated by pinching the skin.

In summary, there are many factors that lead to Cellulite and there is no single reason What Causes Cellulite. There are many good programmes that show you how to get rid of Cellulite and if you are interested you can click the below link.

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