Liver Function and How it Helps You to Burn Your Body Fat

Liver Function

Please read the “What is the Best Way to Lose Weight ?” post before reading this Liver Function post

Detoxifying the blood: The liver is responsible for detoxifying the blood and eliminating poisons inclusive of alcohol and different foreign agents.

If the liver is not functioning properly, its capacity to detoxify is hindered and those foreign agents will hold to flow into the bloodstream and become the reason for long lasting damage.

Fatty bodies are one example. Different toxins can run rampant, and if unchecked can do extreme damage to a human body with a dysfunctional liver.

Metabolize Drugs:

The liver is like a big central processing unit inside the human body and it is used to process (metabolize) drugs that we intake.

The drugs we intake undergoes a processing in the liver and after that the processed drug circulates to the main body to do its work.

A damaged liver will cause the drugs to be able to bypass the processing system and directly affect the body, which can be really harmful.

Syntheses of bile and the formation of bile salts:

Bile salt is a substance that is used to absorb and breakdown various fat soluble substances such as some vitamins and cholesterol too.

The liver also gives the human body energy by breaking amino acids down and separating the toxic byproducts which are eventually urinated out of the body.

Producing and processing hormones:

Hormones such as the widely known steroids are produced by liver and supplied in the bile. It also takes part in producing calcium.

Vitamin and mineral storage:

The liver is the storage facility of vitamin A, B12, D and E. They are released to the body when the body needs it.

Removing foreign agents:

The liver undertakes a process call phagocytosis which destroys bad blood cells as well as bacteria.

Moderating blood sugar levels:

The liver acts as the main controller of blood glucose and maintains blood sugar levels between food intakes.

If the blood sugar level critically falls due to some reasons such as too less food intake or too much exercise, the liver increases the level of blood glucose caused by a certain hormone released by the pancreas.

In the opposite case, another hormone is released by pancreas that makes the liver convert the excess glucose to glycogen which in turn makes body cells to absorb glucose in the blood thus lowering the glucose level.

It ought to be evident that if the liver fails to function properly, a collection of complications can result, affecting essential body functionslike digestion, energy levels and accumulation of weight in the human body.

And the procedure compounds on itself. As soon as fat has accrued inside the body—because of poor weight loss program and lack of workout—the liver also becomes fatty and burdened with its very own fatty deposits.

Like a big elephant laboring up a steep incline, the liver falters in its ordinary operations and its capability to break down and put off excess fat from the blood diminishes.

The fats circulatesin the blood system unchecked, and this results in more weight gain.

And one of the drawbacks of this is that poisons increase within the human body.

If the liver is problematic and not able to carry out its every day responsibilities, pollutants and toxicity builds up inside the fat storages of the body, in which they can take a seat indefinitely and the presence of various poisons adversely affects the livers capacity to perform its regular tasks.

For the reason that liver is liable for processing pollutants, it’s far prone to harm within the occasion a toxin arrives that it can’t handle. 

Toxins the Liver Must Process 

Below are some of the toxic materials that the liver faces:



Airborne pollutants

Carpet fibers

Dry-cleaning chemicals

Water pollutants Pharmaceuticals

Recreational drugs

Furniture chemicals

Household cleaning products

Personal hygiene products

Food preservatives

Artificial sweeteners

It’s almost impossible to avoid these pollutants as they permeate our surroundings. Nevertheless, we should do our best to restrict our exposure. Having an aware mind and focus will help us to do that.

Toxicities that are not well processed are stored in fat cells.

Considering the fact that a number of these cells live inside the brain, damaging emotional consequences can result from this, which can also lead to mental disturbances and reproductive issues.

As you may see from this discussion, weight gain isn’t always just about gaining a few pounds in certain parts of the body.

All of this gives the thinking mind to have a healthy diet and avoid junk foods at all costs which are literally junks.