Intermittent Fasting Results & Fasting to Lose Weight

Great researches has been carried out associated to many fatal diseases of which many people have lost their lives at early stages.

Today people are living in a danger zone exposed to various lethal ailments including :

Cardiovascular Diseases,




Parkinson’s disease etc.

Intermittent Fasting Results

In regard to this scientists have experimented over millions of animals suffering from such diseases.

Trials have been carried over mice suffering from age related neuron gender disorder, abnormal accumulation of amyloid in brains, having dopamine producing neuron affecting their normal body movements, Parkinson’s disease and stroke.

All these diseases being threat to human lives certainly require attention.

Hence, several works have been carried out in laboratories aimed at extending life spans of animals and the result have shown that reducing energy intake(Intermittent Fasting) can strikingly help improve life periods as a Intermittent Fasting Results.

During research, intermittent fasting has been known to slow down amyloid accumulation, degeneration of dopamine neurons, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease proving reduction in meal intake is good for mental health.

Evolutionary perspectives and anecdotal evidences reveal that many religions demand its followers to Intermittent Fasting periodically and great people with good physical and mental health has also been known to fast often like Plato.

During the ancient time also , Intermittent Fasting was one of the key habits of people as it produce good results(Intermittent Fasting Results)

Intermittent Fasting to Lose Weight

In today’s era overweight is not only a danger for diabetes cardiovascular diseases, few cancers but also a risk for age related cognitive imperative and Alzheimer’s disease.

Evidence has shown that Intermittent Fasting is healthy for body and mental health for both animals and humans. This is Intermittent Fasting Results

When a person practices intermittent fasting, reduces frequency of meals or exercises the glycogen stored in the liver is tapped out first.

When the body is deprived of adequate food consumption it starts burning excess fat releasing ketone in body.

Ketone bodies are known to be healthy for our brain’s health(Intermittent Fasting Results).

By reducing time window each day by less than 8 hours results in considerable health benefits and shifts energy metabolism.

Stem cells in human brain grow out form axons and dendrites, link with each other and form synapses facilitating communication.

While development many people’ brains age stays cognitively intact whereas others may develop abnormalities.

Fasting or Intermittent Fasting works as a challenge for brain activating stress response pathways helping brain cope with anxiety and related diseases.

When a person practises fasting or intermittent fasting and vigorous exercise nerve cell circuit becomes active fabricating neurochemical changes, increasing protein production in brain

and stimulating production of neurotropic factor such as Brain Drive Neurotropic Factor (BDNF) and Fibroblast Growth Factors (FGF) leaving a person refreshed and relaxed.

Neurotropic factors promote the growth of axons and dendrites, formation and strengthening of synapses and production of new neurons and stem cells.

Romans discovered that epileptic seizure sufferers if made to exercise can be recovered.

While we take exercise muscles produce ketones which help to suppress seizure in brain and even epilepsy.

This is because ketones provide an alternative fuel to neurons, boosts energy levels and increases quantity of mitochondria in body. When body is exercised or starved it gives brain mild energetic stress and neurons adapt responsively increasing production of mitochondria.

Nature communication disclosed that increase in mitochondria enhances the ability of neurons to form and maintain synapses boosting learning and memory abilities and enabling the nerve cells to repair DNA.

Using and exercising neurons cause mild oxidative stress and increases the ability to repair oxidative damages of the brain.

To maintain a healthy diet including all essential nutrients is expensive to maintain.

After a certain age human body’s rate to accumulate fat increases.

It makes it vulnerable to many harmful diseases.

If diet is reduced after a certain age level it can considerably help to improve well-being of individuals.

Recommended diet for elders include large amount of vegetables and fruit, minimal dairy products, whole wheat, less proteins and healthy oils.

Unfortunately, essential dietary intake of individuals also has an industrial influence which should be fought off by knowing what’s important for one’s health.

People should regularly monitor their waist, weight, pulse, blood pressure and blood glucose level and figure out the best diet for themselves. This does not mean , you need to check these daily basis.

Fast – 5 diet focuses mainly on the mechanism how to balance fat in human body which is a great challenge.

Accordingly, to maintain right amount of appetite a healthy and adequate breakfast should be taken as a habit as it helps in controlling weight and shields a person from various maladies.

Effective Intermittent Fasting  can surely help in maintaining people’s good health and protect them from many detrimental diseases(as a result of Intermittent Fasting)

If nutritionists and physicians believe in biological Karma – what you give will get back to you it would definitely mark a positive impact on our society by making people learn about various practices to remain fit and healthy.

People should understand what they can do to improve their health or lose weight and guide themselves to necessary actions like a well-adjusted diet and regular workout.

An athlete’s dietary intake is completely different from a normal person just because sportsperson has a different lifestyle, stress level, choices, activity, environment, diet and genes.

Similarly a young person’s level of body fat is completely different from a senior citizen, hence dietary requirements varies for every individual.

To preserve fitness it is best either to consult a nutritionist or doctor to choose a healthy diet suited to individual’s needs but it is preferred that one should trust their own sense of body to judge what’s healthy for their body and what’s not.

Intermittent Fasting is key to healty life and also if you wish to lose weigh fast.Intermittent Fasting Results directly influence your day to day life heavily if you practise wisely.