How to Lose Weight By cutting out Processed Food with in two Weeks

Obesity is becoming more and more common due to the fact that people are more inclined towards fast food and processed food items.

And because of the modern day lifestyle there is less physical work which results in fewer calories being burned throughout the day than the requirement of body.

Some people exercise regularly, but a vast majority of people cannot find enough time to exercise.

All this results in obesity and many health problems associated with obesity.

If you are trying to lose weight it is very important that you avoid processed foods.

Why it is important for you to NOT eat processed food when trying to lose weight?

It is a rule of thumb to avoid the processed foods in case you are aiming to lose weight.

The reason for this is that the processed foods contain various preservatives and additives in order to make them last longer and to make them taste good.

These preservatives and additives are extra calories that are not good for your health.

And because processed foods taste so good, you often end up eating more than your real hunger.

The extra calories from the processed foods are hard to get rid of and they get deposited in our body resulting in obesity.

Here it is worth noting that processed food is very general term used for anything in the box, can or found in the freezers or refrigerators of the malls.

There are some processed foods that are not bad for your health; these include oats, frozen vegetables, packaged milk, whole grain bread etc.

These have bad trans fats in them and have little nutritional value.

Examples of such bad processed foods include, pizza, pastries, white bread, tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, potato crisps, packaged cereals, cornflakes, biscuits, ice-cream, processed meat including sausages, and the list can go on and on.

Why do we consume Processed Food?

There are three reasons why we tend to eat processed food items more than the organic food items.

1.Eating Processed Foods is more Convenient:

Many people tend to go for the processed food items as they are easy to consume.

You simply have to take them out of the packet and eat them.

While some processed foods like peanut butter can be refrigerated to be consumed whenever required. You don’t have to go through the hassle of cooking.

2.Processed Foods Last Longer:

Processed foods have different additives in them which make their shell life longer.

Trans fats are one such additive used in margarine, bread and other food items.

There are other preservatives as well in addition to the hydrogenated oils.

If you look at the ingredients of various processed food items, you will find preservatives like BHT or BHA in the ingredients list.

Many of the additives in the processed foods added to make them last longer, are bad for human health.

3.Processed Foods Taste Better to Our Taste-Buds:

Perhaps the biggest reason why people consume processed foods is because of their good taste.

Processed foods have added sugar, salt, coloring and other additives in order to make them more appealing both visually and taste wise for the consumers.

Such food items are designed carefully in order to taste good and they often have ingredients that are not good for our health.

On top of that companies spend millions of dollars in attempt to lure the customer to buy processed food items, showing their products in very appealing way.

Side Effects of Consuming Processed Food:

Following are some of the side effects of processed foods:

  • Usually the processed foods contain high levels of sugar which has zero nutritional value and is very harmful for human body.
  • It is generally accepted that much of the energy needs of our body must be fulfilled from consumption of carbohydrates. However, these should be the carbohydrates from whole foods instead of the refined carbohydrates. This is because refined carbohydrates are broken down easily in our digestive system and result in spikes in the blood sugar and insulin levels. And most of the processed foods often have high levels of these unhealthy refined carbohydrates.
  • Generally processed foods have low nutritional value and even if you consume a lot, the nutritional needs of your body are not fulfilled.
  • Fiber has various benefits in food digestion and for our overall health. And processed foods are generally low in fiber.
  • Processed foods are often high in processed vegetable oils or trans fats. These are extremely unhealthy for human body.
  • Processed foods lead to over consumption because of their artificially developed good taste.
  • Processed foods contain different artificial ingredients including various preservatives, colorants, flavors and texturants. Many of these are harmful for the human body and our bodies are not designed to digest these artificial materials.
  • Processed foods can be addictive and there have been many cases in which people have become addicted to processed foods because of their taste. The ultimate result of such an addiction is obesity and various diseases.

How NOT eating Processed Food can Help you to Reduce Weight:

When you are trying to lose weight the best thing you can do is to replace the processed foods in your diet with organic foods.

Why is this? It is simple. By cutting the amount of processed foods in your diet you are actually cutting the extra sugar, extra salt, harmful preservatives and additives and harmful trans fats from your diet.

These extra calories from processed foods have almost no nutritional value and they simply cause obesity.

On top of that your liver has to work extra in order to get rid of the toxins produced by the chemicals in processed foods.

This leaves less time and energy for the liver to burn fats and to take care of other responsibilities.

This aspect is discussed in more detail below.

When you replace the processed foods with natural and organic foods, your body will start getting the necessary nutrients instead of the harmful preservatives, additives and trans fats.

Eat a lot of vegetables and fresh protein and see the change in your health within a month. Not only your health will be better but you will feel much fresh.

What Happens to Your Colon and Liver When you Don’t eat Processed Food?

Here it is particularly important to look at the effects which eating processed food has on your liver and colon and what happens to your colon and liver when you don’t eat processed food.

As it is clear now that processed food contains various harmful chemical toxins in the form of preservatives, additives and colors, these chemical toxins get dumped in our body when we eat processed foods.

Starting with the liver, the kidneys, the small intestine, the large intestine or colon and the connective tissue, these chemicals could be escalating the weight gain and taking your body to toxicity crises.

It can be understood easily by looking at how your body deals with any kind of toxins that enter the digestive system.

The link between the processed foods and the weight gain is liver.

Liver is one of the most vital organs of our body which is tasked with more than 500 different functions. Burning fat and detoxification are two of those functions.

Liver neutralizes and renders most of the toxins harmless and it passes on some toxins to colon for elimination. It stores the rest of toxins in order to prevent them from entering bloodstream.

Therefore the more unnatural and harmful chemicals we consume in the processed foods the greater is the need for detoxification.

The liver gets burdened with the role of detoxification and it is left with very little energy or time to burn fat or to carry out other responsibilities.

When we avoid eating processed foods and eat organic foods instead, less of such harmful toxins go to the body, and our liver and colon have to deal with less of such toxins.

This allows the liver to carry out other responsibilities more effectively these include burning fat. Hence there are less chances of obesity and the overall health of the person improves significantly.


With so many side effects of processed foods, obesity being one of the biggest ones, it is almost a no brainer to understand that in order to live a healthy, obesity free and energetic life you should cut the processed foods from your diet and incorporate maximum organic foods in your diet.